The Future of Disaster Restoration & Abatement Purchasing

OMNIA Partners is the largest and most experienced group purchasing organization (GPO) in the nation. We unite unmatched buying power and industry-leading suppliers to offer a portfolio of solutions and partnerships to satisfy purchasing goals - no matter the size of the job at hand or company. All of our restoration and abatement agreements are leveraged with the whole of our community and their massive buying power, resulting in contracts specific to purchaser needs and requirements, offered at superior pricing and savings. 

Why Disaster Restoration & Abatement? (And Why OMNIA Partners!)

OMNIA Partners Disaster Restoration & AbatementMaking a meaningful impact on the over $30 Billion (and rapidly growing) restoration industry requires the powerful leverage, relationships, scale, and experience that only OMNIA Partners can provide. OMNIA Partners has the existing foundation and infrastructure in place to aid buyers in the expansive and highly fragmented restoration industry. The industry and marketplace requires reliable, flexible and quality solutions offered through leading suppliers at value-driven pricing. Our unique approach and process allows for customization in our contract solutions, no matter if the job is residential, commercial/industrial/retail, or institutional, we have solutions to fit the required needs. 

Through our portfolio, restoration buyers can identify their need and set the pre-qualified program into place, allowing them to accomplish twice as much in the same time, for the restoration industry, where time is critical, this is a win from every angle. Why Disaster Restoration & Abatement? Because OMNIA Partners is the only group purchasing organization in the nation able to effectively serve and empower these purchasing decisions. 


The Power Behind Our Superior Offerings: Unmatched Leverage 

All OMNIA Partners Disaster Restoration & Abatement programs are developed, sourced, and leveraged against our full purchasing organization. This means our members benefit from the buying power of the largest and fastest growing network of purchasing professionals in the nation. Allowing OMNIA Partners Disaster Restoration & Abatement to offer contracts with superior contract terms and services at a cost-savings.

Snapshot of our entire community breadth and depth:

OMNIA Partners is the Largest in Group Purchasing

The Most Experienced Organization in Restoration Buying: Tenure You Can Trust

Our dedicated Disaster Restoration & Abatement team is equipped with more than 30 years of experience, holding key positions in logistics, purchasing, operations and restoration. You can trust that our restoration and abatement contract portfolio is backed by the resources, expertise and experience that would exceed the standards set by the most tenured restoration purchasing professionals. 


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