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Benefits of Using a GPO for Restoration

    What is a Group Purchasing Organization for Restoration Buying?

    A group purchasing organization (GPO) combines the buying power of a collective of businesses to provide better pricing, service levels and account representation from suppliers to simplify the buying process. The GPO model provides restoration purchasers quicker turn around times on the products they need most, at better pricing then they can get on their own. GPOs are for businesses of all sizes and for jobs of all needs. 

     How Does a Restoration GPO Work?

    GPOs create and manage contracts for restoration needs – and create and manage relationships between three parties: the GPO, restoration buyers, and the suppliers.

    1.  Companies and buyers join OMNIA Partners Disaster Restoration & Abatement at no charge, order minimum or obligation. 3.  Better pricing and contract terms are delivered. 
    2. Buyers identify their need and set the pre-qualified program into place.  4.  Restoration buyers save critical time, money and gain the products required to fulfill jobs. 


    Increase Bottom-Line Savings, Reduce the Cost of Jobs   

    Restoration Purchasing Made Easy: OMNIA Partners OMNIA Partners Disaster Restoration & Abatement provides restoration buyers with the contracts you need when a crisis or disruption occurs, and for everyday restoration jobs. We recognize buyers need scalable solutions that are timely, from reliable supplier partners, with high-quality materials and straight-forward, value-driven pricing – that is exactly what you receive.

    When you sign up at no charge, your organization will immediately benefit from our contracts that help mitigate risk and operational disruption more rapidly and effectively at a true cost savings. Our industry-leading contracts focused on damage restoration, repair, reconstruction and preparedness are easy to implement and readily available.

    Advantages of Using a GPO for Restoration Purchasing:

    Bypass the Bid Process

    Bypass the Bid & Reduce Operational Risk

    As part of the largest GPO network in the nation, buyers benefit from increased purchasing power, which yields cost-effective pricing, timely turnarounds and better leveraged contracts. We handle the entire sourcing process, using market intelligence to help restoration buyers make informed decisions. We deliver pre-qualified contracts that bypass, and in many cases, make the time-consuming bid process unnecessary. This increases speed to solution, speed to delivery and speed to restoration.

    Unmatched Purchasing Power

    Better Pricing for Cost-Effective Buying 

    Benefit from the buying power of the largest and fastest growing network of purchasing professionals in the nation. Allowing restoration buyers to achieve the greatest aggregate pricing benefit. As the foremost GPO in the nation we are able to streamline your purchasing process for superior savings and contract terms. No other GPO can match the leverage and buying power OMNIA Partners brings to the market. Enabling restoration buyers to gain a competitive advantage on jobs for event and non-event purchasing. 

    Expert Contracting for Resource Management

    Delivery & Resource Management 

    Our team of contracting experts completes the groundwork necessary to identify and mobilize critical resources so you can trust in value well beyond the contract’s superior rates. All supplier partners have been thoroughly vetted to ensure they are a market leader that will deliver exceptional quality, inventory deliverability, pricing, and service - our agreements standalone. This reduces lead time to solution and guarantees buyers receive the best value for their spend. 

    Mitigating Risk & Operational Disruption

    Increase your speed to delivery, solution, and recovery through market-leading agreements


    No Cost To Join

    Disaster Recovery Solutions

    OMNIA Partners continues to put the people, processes, and quality purchasing solutions in place to support the needs of members nationwide – no matter your size, requirements, or needs.

    Quality Brands

    Restoration Clean-Up Made Easy

    We partner with the best brands in a wide variety of restoration and abatement categories, services and solutions.

    Ultimate Solutions

    Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

    We tailor resources specifically to your industry, needs, and qualifications - regardless if your needs are for a critical disruption or a standard restoration job.

    RFP Avoidance

    Bypass the RFP and Bid Process for Restoration Solutions

    We employ contract solutions experts to negotiate superior rates and terms and conditions so you can bypass the bid process altogether for speed to solution.

    Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

    No cost to join, no commitments, no minimum orders, no risk... simply quality, reliable solutions at a savings.