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For most businesses it's not a matter of if an emergency will occur but when an emergency will impact their operations. We're standing by to help when the time comes. Grainger has a large network of distribution centers and branches in the U.S. If a disaster hits one of them, we can deliver products from an alternate source within the system. 

Grainger has positioned generators throughout the supply chain network for rapid deployment to branches that need power due to a disaster. This helps ensure we will be up and running when our customers need us. Grainger has developed a Rapid Deployment Kit, enabling a branch that has been affected by a disaster to quickly resume network communications with corporate business systems. In many case, Grainger is the only company that is functioning with "business as usual" capabilities in an impacted area. 

Grainger has a proven data backup and recovery strategy that allows us to assure each customer that the data we have entered regarding their transaction will not be lost just because the area is hit by a disaster. Our Enterprise Systems Continuity Plan provides a tried and tested IT network. We built in redundancy for continued operations during and after events. Easy access to inventory across the network assures uninterrupted service to our customers. 

Our Crisis Management Team ensures the safety of Grainger employees and facilities. They test our properties, people and systems to determine readiness prior to events. Post event, this team assesses potential damage to Grainger facilities, conducts inventory assessments within the affected market(s) and assures the operational integrity of our facilities. 

Our Product Prioritization plan is designed to serve the health and safety of the public first and foremost. In severe emergencies, we prioritize products for First Responders and First Receivers to effectively serve those "who do the greatest good" for our communities. This also includes private sector companies who play a vital role in restoring critical infrastructure such as roads, bridges and utilities. 



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