About HotelPlanner

As the leading provider of automated travel and emergency travel solutions, HotelPlanner delivers flexible technology and world-class global service to support the unique needs of our customers. The program delivers emergency and daily global travel services, for individual and group travel in a single electronic platform.


HotelPlanner's ERT is an experienced, cross-functional group of directors charged with the task of activating our command centers. Teams are put in place before a disaster declaration to assess the state or area's disaster plan, current travel patterns, initiate traveler reporting, evaluate compression from local events, open communications with brand reps, and review current online travel reports. Issue deployment notices to support, establish available local command, and notify disaster tech support to activate the disaster operations functions on the web interface.


The ERT utilizes a creative combination of products and services in partnership with public agencies to provide a secure, stable communications platform that augments the capabilities of their existing services and provides communication between HotelPlanner staff, clients and suppliers. 


  • Complimentary program consultation and review
  • A free $25.00 travel card for every employee
  • Extension of negotiated pricing for employee travel captured under separate reporting.
  • Additional discounts not available on open consumer sites.

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